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September 23rd, 2013, 04:46
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post

Imho that's exactly what is expected from a reviewer and this is what I wanted to express before (@Dusk). I didn't play a Drone Guy before, but with the other dudes in your party and all the drone shafts around you, you didn't need another playthrough to see how that works out…
You can use this arguing for party RPG, that you hire make it more flexible but those you hire don't have custom builds you could use.

I really feel that arguing very weird. But I noticed it's been used multiple time with SRR and I don't remember a single time to have read it with a game like Icewind Dale.

Strangely it's like if players don't realize builds are possible in SRR and many party variation can be used. I suppose there's a reason but really there's an undervaluation of the game possibilities and suddenly players lost all their curiosity of experimenting.

I'm not ready but I pick one of the first quests to list how many ways there was to achieve a goal of the quest and I already listed 10. But nope, it's like players are blind and just see a straight path without any options, ie once more they suddenly lost all their curiosity. For me a player without curiosity to experiment is a very bad RPG player.

Moreover in case of Rigger the main character gets a few options from using a drone and drones of your companions won't work.
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