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September 23rd, 2013, 22:53
Isn't this an actual contradiction?

What other choice is there, without an independent Steam, there would be NO new outlet, only publishers. So in the long run (where we are now), independents are still in the same spot they were, before Steam if they don't get on Greenlight.

The only difference I can see, there is a new level of success that wasn't possible before, it's called Steam success. Could it be I'm seeing the glass half full? I really don't see any 'new' impediments, only new choices for independent developers, to publish.

To be honest I don't see Rampant Coyote having any trouble or a need to spend any extra, unless he want to. Does he want to roll the dice for that extra push, to a higher level of success? Personally I don't see any reason Fray Knights can't reach the level of success of Legend of Grimrock, if it hasn't already.
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