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September 24th, 2013, 16:08
Originally Posted by EvilManagedCare View Post
I agree with how dangerous Todd is. But I think for the sake of the finale and wild twists, Todd will somehow come through & save the day for Jesse in some way. Or, perhaps he'll turn on his brothers for his own gain. Either way, he's a scary guy. I can't wait until Sunday.

Oh, I have my own theory about that. See, Todd killed Jesse's girlfriend….but only threatened Skylar's family. Huge difference….and what had Jesse done to deserve this? Simply escaped, ran 30 ft and got caught, nothing compared to Skylar sitting with police and having a chit-chat. Also, Todd and company know EXACTLY what Jesse said when he was in custody, and no idea what Skylar may have talked bout. Bottom line, Todd worships Walter White, and in the end it wouldn't surprise me at all if Walter finds a way to turn that to his advantage. Of course, I still think White should die in a very long, painful manner.

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