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September 24th, 2013, 23:02
Wow, great review Ghan! Took me a few days to finally finish it.

I think one point you make about playing it safe is moot. The fact that they made it so moddable is something few companies try anymore. It affected NWN and Morrowind so maybe it affected the number of zots put into the story here too. But the goal of any game mods is to extend the life of the core product, and since RPG's fall into the category of low short terms sales and high long term it makes sense. The proof will be over time, especially if there's some amazing breakthroughs.

But you make an excellent point about the hub. They could have broken the missions up and have you solve them at your leisure. That would have taken away some of the linearity

I was disappointed by the matrix. To me it was just a glorified version of the regular game. Games like System Shock and Neuromancer made completely different games (minigames?) out of this part genre which really fit brought the story to life in a way the novels can't.

One thing I've learned about savegames in my own mod - their not easy to say the least. I'm not sure about others operating systems but you can't just capture the game at a state; you have have to break level down into all its individual components, save it, then convert it back.

In their case, Harebrained only had to save the changes on the character, not the whole room, then restart the character at the preset level. Technically, its 100x easier and doesn't have the same memory problems.

A proper savegame is a nightmare, and now I see why they break so easily when introducing changes.
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