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September 24th, 2013, 23:59
… independence day and pibbur's fourth day in Cambridge-by-Boston. (Boston in the US, that is).

On this very day:

768 – Death of Pippin, the hobbit.

1180 - Manuel Komnenos, the last Byzantine emperor dies. Contrary to your average Roman emperor he stayed in business for much longer than a year (37 years actually). 12th century. Was Corwin around then?

1674 - The Dutch surenders New-York-wannabe New Amsterdam to rulers-of-the-us-wannabes England.

1830 - Belgium comes into being. For a short period of time they actually had a government.

1852 - The first steampowered airship flew over the hills and far away from Paris.

1990 - A Great White spotted on saturn.

2005 - Hurricane Rita makes landfall in the United States, devastating Beaumont and moving him to Kingsmouth.

The Fox says vulpes in latin, raposa in portugues, doplan in orcish, woo lay in chinese, renar in volapyk, fox=CREATEOBJECT("fox") in foxpro, fox in UK english, no word for it in Kobaian, kettu in finnish, sionnach in gaelic, rusc in Sindarin, byakko, furudanuki, furukitsune, gingitsune, kitsune, shirogitsune, shirubaafokksu and umisen'yamasen in japanese.

And http://www.scrabblefinder.com/starts-with/fox/ lists 36 words beginning with fox.

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