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September 25th, 2013, 14:19
Mmm creative gameplay? I have low faith in it because bugs is bugs and design is design. Hope that random produce interesting situations makes me smile.

But yeah I see your point, I could have read not well your review, it's long and English isn't a cup of coffee for me, but that point of view should reflect better, or it's that I should know you better as a reviewer (or player).

What you think like a requirement is for me an option, freedom in games is relative for me it often generates a lot of fillers or repetitions that are boring. So I can enjoy the approach because of the freedom but I temperate it a lot and never consider it a requirement more fun. It's like the dialog options not even those with consequences for me I was reading with care all options and had a thought on which one choose, it was fun part and not vain.

The more I read your posts about the game the more I think your 6/10 is in fact a kind rate to welcome the effort but you didn't like at all the game, it was barely playable for you. It's fine but now I'll apply care on your opinion on RPG because I know I differ too much from your preferences. No problem, diversity is the spice, would be awful if everybody had the same tastes. I'll certainly hurt you but if Skyrim impress me a lot more than SRR, I'll probably never finish it so even less ever replay it, unlike SRR. Moreover I didn't get more fun, more conventional story, tourism get tedious after some time and then it's too much fillers, dragons spaming typical result of random generation engine ended be a lot too much and repetitive, pale fights, bad management of immortal companion and dog. So at ends much more impressive than SRR but not better, I'd say on par for me. :-)
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