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Default Un-f-ing believable Square-Enix (Nosgoth)

September 25th, 2013, 19:23
I must be dreaming. And it must be a nightmare. Because I did not just see the lore-story-game-series milking that I just saw. I can't believe they're actually doing a multi-player only game around Nosgoth, the setting for the Legacy of Kain series , the series with the best storyline found in a video game. And they're doing a multiplayer only game in this. What the fuck is going on.

I mean, who the hell is going to be playing this? It looks mediocre at best. And why rape a frachise as beloved as the Legacy of Kain. The guy that greenlit this should be fired on the spot.

Anyways, see for yourselves, and try to hold the tears back.
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