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September 26th, 2013, 21:59
Ahahahahaa, I knew it!
Check my posts from a year ago or so where I said go watch Headhunters before Hollywood remakes it.

But for some I really can't understand the "need" for remake, for example Escape from NY, who needs a remake of that cult classic? Or Argento's Suspiria, hell are they normal? The catch of that horror was not horror elements but the movie style, and you can't copy or remake that. Timecrimes? For god's sakes there are so much better timetravel loop/paradox movies (an example: Triangle, I think it's australian movie and is definetly not widely known about for whatever reason), this one is good, but definetly doesn't deserve a remake.

Whatever, I wish good luck to Hollywood and am pretty sure I won't watch most of those remakes.
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