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September 27th, 2013, 20:36
I never succeed enter in any GTA, and never tried the 4 so even less the 5. So… :-)

Anyway I read a small article on GT5 vs Watch_Dogs. Ok it's dumb to compare a released game to non released game. But it was just about the visible differences not about the quality.

On paper Watch_Dogs win hands over for me, morale choices, attempt to build gray situations and choices, focus on hacking and sneaking, merging of stealth and shoot. Only the morale approach changes all for me, even if not well done at least it won't be an embarrassment like in GTA. But from the video gameplay I saw, it's even more appealing than what was the DXHR video gameplay released before the game release.

The only high doubt was the feeling that I'll never been able to play because of too complex controls. Moreover I had a high doubt on the problem of finding stuff and how it could be well managed.

All of that to say that's the feeling I have with GTA is a sort of no morale thing that I can't bear for a game of this genre, I could be wrong because I never played any much.

EDIT: The video I was mentioning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRAzrwRZ-T4

EDIT2: That's why AAA game can't be replaced by indie games, make you dream, at least until release. :-)
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