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September 27th, 2013, 22:55
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For me no way minigames is a better choices, there's significant variations by having the alarm management, by using different skills and items (like standard heal, alarm slowdown, different summons) and giving one more opportunity to a decker to use his specialized skills. So it's not bad and certainly hugely better than any minigame. BUT it's right that the core mechanism is too close to standard fights and the area seems too much like a real word area very simplified. And I agree they should have work more on that point but not to make it a minigame.
Minigame may have a been a bad choice of words. The portion of the game would still be a core part of the game. The way it was done in System Shock should, IMO, be the canon for the genre, or something like that. It creates much more immersion within the immersion of the game and is truer to the original ideas Gibson was espousing about people getting lost in Cyberspace. But you do see my original point.

I think there was real opportunity in that portion of the game that was missed, much like Garriot not understanding the new paradigm of game design he created with his separate combat system and getting rid of it in U9. Creating systems like this in a game is very creative design and can really add to it. Still..they had a budget.
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