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September 28th, 2013, 06:16
Patch 1.29, September 26th, 2013, 12pm (GMT+2)
Patch 1.29, September 26th, 2013, 12pm (GMT+2)

Battlearenas completely redone, for more compact battles
Special Locations for specific fights (Gorah, Spidercave, Ship of the dead, Temple of the nameless god, Daspota Treasure Cave)
Quest for Old Bailey lower levels added
New Scene for Blacksmith (making him “visible”)
New Scene and Handling for “simple House”
Skillcheck Logging improved
Introduced Scene for Boar Hunting
Daspota Dialogs can be restarted until a fight was provoked
Introduced Scene for Brothel
“Tabbing out” of Fullscreen automatically switches to window mode to enable getting back into the game
Added Building Decals (work in progress)
Removed Body Control check to avoid damage
Fight Target choice now possible via field, not only via Character
Fastness of Body nerfed (max level reduced, no casting outside of Battle)
Introduced “Spell failed, try again?” for Spells outside of combat, e.g. Light in the Darkness
Dullskull infection fixed and reduced to 24 hour “incubation” time
Paralysis fixed
Permanent wonders are only possible once per character (instead of “as long as godgrace and money last”)
Fixed Staff Enchantment removed when losing the staff in battle
Fixed Swafnildsson-Quest, he now is correctly at home even without the letter of recommendation by Sevenstone, but asks for it in order to give the piece of the map he possesses
Characters now drink on their own if there is something to drink available (careful, alcohol is liquid as well)
Message “<charactername> drank his/her last bit” now appears correctly
Fixed some texting bugs
Added Golden Shield to Temple of the Nameless loot (only if not entered so far)
Temple of the Nameless rescue from the hole only possible once
Temple of the Nameless Blocking Stone Door fixed after loading
Run-Footsteps only triggered on forward running (as there is no backward running)
Assignment and Exchaning of Ring and Arm Slots fixed
"Strange appartus" in Abandoned Hostel Dungeon fixed
Direct Entering of Numbers at the Marketplace fixed
"Identical Sortiment" bug in Marketplaces fixed
Old Bailey Phex Altar can be sacked after first time saying no
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