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September 28th, 2013, 10:12
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post

you are telling a fantasy story - a fantasy story is fantastic - sure.

The topic is not about storytelling, it is about game mechanics.
That is good because when I think of gaming, gameplay, I only think of game mechanics.
how to handle damage and weopons?
how to handle food?
how to handle wounds?
how does armour work?
Is sleeping necessary?
What about weather effects?
Is a day/night cycle useful?
Is a higher gameworld interactivity useful/interesting?
What about the day schedules of NPCs?
What about artificial borders vs. free exploring?
What about real time vs. faster time?

The question is:
Up to which point these features are useful/interesting in a CRPG and when are they becoming too detailed/tedious/complicated (too realistic) for you?
When taking up the angle of game mechanics, nothing compulsory to force a reality angle.

As stated, in terms of gaming, reality is convenient as it's been studied already and this provides tons of working models to tap into. It is a wonderful source of inspiration.

Once again, connecting RPGs that, for the most of them, are set in fantasy settings (fantasy broad sense here, included stuff like cyberpunk etc, everything unreal actually) to reality makes no sense.

In a game, what matters is game mechanics. If getting inspired by real models leads to good game mechanics, that is well. If not, do not let reality put itself between a good gameplay and a gamer.
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