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September 29th, 2013, 04:42
I agree it's a skip-able game and sometimes it can be pale. But after first parts I found the game wasn't that bad at all, here some key points in my opinion:
  • It is very fights oriented, fights are above the average, there's no link with diablo like games and the fights aren't as deep than in games like Torchlight 1&2. Must be quote, the fights against trolls, one or two, is hugely fun.
  • There's a fair thinking in fights design to have it fun for the bad players. There's multiple tools and tricks to use without to have to be very skilled in such actions. And it's not hyper speed action, it's more slower than usual.
  • The companions system works very well for the fights, I don't remember have seen an overall system working as well with companions as bots in fights. You don't control them but you can definitely play by using them. And at some key points or for a load you can change the character you play, this could give you more choices to overcome some situations.
  • It's almost a railroad RPG quite story driven. In few parts there's a bit of exploration, but the exploration is mainly guided tourism. It's not that bad in fact because there's many references to the movies or the books and many places not only are references but often have a good mood.
  • References to the trilogy is a key of the game. That part is rather smart with constant crosses, constant references and many time the game use an element of the trilogy and transpose it very directly in the context of the game. For example if you control the dwarf you could have a dispute dialog with Legolas almost directly taken from the movie, and it's up to you to choose the dialogs option to enter in this dispute game.
  • It's also a sort of references to the world of the trilogy, many dialogs are about element of this world, some cover the subject of the compatibility of the game story with the trilogy story.
  • The weak part is rather often the writing is glued in this constant reference and the only little bit of emotions and fun are coming from the slight echoes from the trilogy. It's like if the reference work is rather smart but the writing is academic and from writers without talent.
  • For secondary quests, it's only to get the dialogs to trigger it, and collect something. it's better than nothing but it's the minimum service.
  • Classes are skils of trees, it's not very complex but it's ok.
  • For items and equipment, it's tune down on drops and quite light because you have auto quick pick and you'll hardly have inventory problems because there's a good spreading of places where to sell stuff. There's a little bit of crafting, it's simple but not bad, you have also to manage repairs.
So if you are a fan of Tolkien stuff it's a must have and it's a almost good stuff from this perspective. If you aren't fan, it's only for the action and the references and don't expect a real RPG, more a light action RPG but not in the Diablo like category, and in that point of view it's mix of fairly good parts and pale parts, overall playable and fair fun.
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