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September 30th, 2013, 01:31
I finished it, it's not really a good game but it has fun IF you have fun with the fights.

After to have play more after previous post, I quoted annoyances that didn't bother me much before:
- There's only one automatic save for the whole game, no load back.
- The inventory tab for non equipment get me troubles many time because of overload to manage. In one part either I didn't noticed a shop either there should be a shop sooner. Two other times I passed the shop, went past a point right after where I couldn't come back to the shop and noticed I had forget clean the general items inventory tab.
- Both savepoints and block points (not allowing get back) was often unclear generating some troubles and confusions.
- A few fights are very at the limit in term of management, it's weird because it's not a logical difficulty progression, for example the final was easy in comparison of some with high difficulty spike.

Overall I had good fun plus few ragequit :-) and few tedious trunks. Not a game to advise but for me it was quite playable and I don't regret.

Some time after the middle of the game I switched to mouse with keyboard controls, I don't know if on PC they are the same but on Mac they are quite well done, good port from console on this point. I regret not have noticed sooner that the controls shortcuts could be customized.
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