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October 1st, 2013, 04:22
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The end was quite predictable, and at least he died. Walter living after all the damage he'd caused would have been unbelievable for me. I would have preferred to see him rotting (literally) in jail for a bit, but death worked too. Poor Huell, I guess he's just gonna be stuck in that motel room forever. The wife lives and gets away with her faults, but I think she'll be paying a price for the rest of her life.
Yeah I guess there were a few loose ends left. It seemed as though the sisters were on their way to reconciliation after only a short few days, but it's not as though Skyler had much right to be angry at her sister. And poor Huell I had forgotten about. I had expected/hoped for some type of scene taking place years after the end with an update, like a short paragraph or something telling us what happened to the characters, but maybe conjecture is more fun.

The thing I never understood is the camp that really was pulling for Walt to get away. He was an interesting variation on the stereotypical meth cooker, but still deserved his comeuppance.

I wanna know who the original idiot was that decided that having a show to talk about a show made any kind of sense. Perhaps this is where network tv would at least draw a line, lol. I think I've only seen AMC do this so far, I find it hard to believe that these shows would attract any audience whatsoever, but then again I don't get reality tv either.
I find its value only in getting to hear the insiders' stories. Since I rarely buy TV series DVDs (except you, Downton Abbey. Damn!) I won't get to hear that stuff from the extra features.
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