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October 1st, 2013, 04:35
The Nexus can be really slow at times. And at other times, you're unable to download entirely. Fun. Best to try grabbing NMC when it's not acting up I use NMC large + Poco Bueno + Textures Over Time + 20 other packs for more minor stuff.

Nevada Skies is pretty; I used it for quite some time. There's two new versions available 7.15 URWLified and URWLNV Ultimate Edition . Both of these are on Moddb.com (author lost his patience some time back and got banned on Nexus, but he's still actively updating) and both do slightly different things. The "Ultimate Edition" has ENB support if that's your thing.

Now, having said that, Nskies looks pretty but it will impact your FPS a smidge. An even bigger smidge when it has its custom weather effects running. Personally, I prefer FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting combined with The Director's Chair. Both of these combine for some truly superb shots that rival ENB setups with barely any performance hit + greater stability. The Director's Chair is actually a shell for other mods: "DYNAVISION, IMAGINATOR and CINEMATECH" as stated on its Nexus page. Here's a test shot I took while configuring it (don't have anything better atm since I'm knee-deep in researching new mods for new install of the game).

Also, I'd recommend watching Gopher's video on visual enhancements - it's what finally convinced me to give Director's Chair a try and I'm truly thankful I did.

On the matter of FOMM vs NMM: the latter is more user-friendly but you don't get the tools (for modding) that you would with FOMM. I'm currently using NMM mostly.
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