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October 1st, 2013, 05:03
Thanks for the considerate response! Will follow up when I'm off the iPhone and the road.


I'll try out NMM. I've used it before with Skyrim without issues. Also I like the idea of new weather in Nevada Skies, like rain and sandstorms, but not sure about radiation rain. Hope I can turn that off. We'll see. These versions look more current than the ones on the nexus, so thanks for the heads up. Will try out 7.15 URWLified and see how that works out.

I watched one of Gopher's videos already. Nice stuff. Director is rather sophisticated. Probably beyond my needs though.

Too bad that NMC isn't on the mod database.


All last night was spent getting a small set of mods to work. Now I remember why I don't do these. Still can't get Roberts male body replacer to work, there are blackout rectangles on the upper chest and shins. May require doing all the mesh and texture replacements manually. ugh. There are entirely too many. Probably not worth it, if that's the case.

Below is what I have working and what worked with nexus mod manager and what didn't (or only partially) with FO:NV Ultimate Edition.

Should I try FOMM, and can I be using both it and NMM at the same time?

- MTUI (not NMM compatible, manual install required, relatively easy once I figured that out)
- Underground Home (only the base mod is compatible with NMM, mods for DLCs and other addons needed to be manually installed, otherwise it crashes FONV, in addition, chems mod completely unusable - crashes FONV even when installed manually).
- Essential Visual Enhancements (NMM compatible, easy install with NMM, yay!)
- Wasteland Flora Overhaul (NMM compatible, easy install with NMM, yay for vurt!)
- Nevada Skies URWLNV Ultimate Edition Beta 1.0 (NMM compatible, easy install with NMM, yay!)
- Interior Lighting Overhaul (NMM compatible, loaded after Nevada Skies to override the NS interior lighting mod, easy install with NMM, not sure if this one is properly overriding Nevada Skies and working completely, but it appears to be OK, light switches work).
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