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Default Arcane Archer Capstone Breaks Arrow Imbues

October 1st, 2013, 16:46
I took the capstone a few days ago when I hit level 20, and all of a sudden all my arrow imbues stopped working. Sometimes they work for a few minutes, most of the time they disappear in seconds. The toolbar will show that it is selected, but it is not showing up at the top of the screen (where the buffs show up), and it's evident in gameplay that it is not working. I've had it happen on all the arrow imbues, including paralyze.

The result is that I had to reset the tree and remove the capstone in order to be able to play. I have tested and verified that it is the capstone, and it's well documented on the following forum thread:


So, do NOT take the AA capstone as it completely breaks the imbue enhancements.
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