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October 2nd, 2013, 02:50
Hi guys! Good to hear from you. I get the feeling that the community has all but moved on unfortunately, but it was fun while it lasted!

I check the Deep Shadows site from time to time in the hope that there will be some signs of life, but they appear to be long gone. I tried to contact members of their team a couple of times when I was working on the unpacker but they never responded.

My favorite Xenus is still the first one - Boiling Point. I attempted another play through recently and the thing that struck me was how fragile the quest system is, and how unfair the reputation system can be. In the end I had to stop playing because the government hated me, and when I accepted a quest which should have improved my reputation with them, I couldn't get to the quest giver to complete the quest because he was in the barracks, and - despite them promising to leave me alone - they'd shoot me on sight.

If Xenus 3 was developed then I'd hope for basically a re-make of the first game, but with a modern engine obviously and with the game systems polished to the point where it didn't break so easily. I felt like I was constantly walking on egg shells just to keep the game world from collapsing.

I don't think we'll ever hear from them again sadly, but I gotta say that FarCry 3 was as close to Xenus 3 as we're gonna get. It had a lot of things in common with these games I thought, but was very user friendly and non-stop fun to play (except for the awful main story and dialog, but who's interested in that stuff anyway!).
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