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October 2nd, 2013, 05:09
Yeah and if I remember well the hired pilots kinda "level" up as well…(back in x3 and expansions that is)

As for flying drones in X-Rebirth, it probably isn't the same as flying regular ships from what I read. I could be wrong but I read a while back that you do not get a HUD Display/interface when piloting a drone.

With that said, piloting HUGE behemoths and transport ships wasn't exactly thrilling…but still there's a world of difference between piloting a Split Chimera M3+, an Argon Buster M4 or a Boron Hydra M6… They are all extremely different to pilot and each can be fun. So I'm rather sad that we seem to be stuck in one specific size. I assume it'll be a ship thats around the M3/M3+ size I guess.

I still stand by what I said a while back, i'd put a dollar bet on the fact that doing it this way cuts development time and makes it easier to balance so they can release the product and get some money, while allowing them to sell DLCs that will contain new ships.
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