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October 2nd, 2013, 10:20
Originally Posted by badmofo View Post
Hi guys! Good to hear from you. I get the feeling that the community has all but moved on unfortunately, but it was fun while it lasted!
If anyone posts bugs and issues here I would still be willing to fix them in a new unofficial patch, but at the moment I am still very busy with VTM Bloodlines !

I check the Deep Shadows site from time to time in the hope that there will be some signs of life, but they appear to be long gone.
That's very sad! Not even new point and click adventures? I still dream about getting the missing sequel for Precursors one day .

My favorite Xenus is still the first one - Boiling Point. I attempted another play through recently and the thing that struck me was how fragile the quest system is, and how unfair the reputation system can be.
Maybe it is time for an Unofficial Patch for Boiling Point! Fixing these quest issues and maybe adding some more mediation options like with the guys in the bars in Xenus 2. IIRC editing BP was easier than WG.

If Xenus 3 was developed then I'd hope for basically a re-make of the first game, but with a modern engine obviously and with the game systems polished to the point where it didn't break so easily.
In that case X3 should also do some cooler stuff with the Xenus tablet itself. Nothing besides unlimited money in the original BP, which was probably a bug anyway. That was a big dissappointment!

I don't think we'll ever hear from them again sadly, but I gotta say that FarCry 3 was as close to Xenus 3 as we're gonna get.
On the surface maybe, but underneath, no way! I mean come on, you could buy every kind of modern weapon from vending machines distributed all over the island, but still had to make pouches by killing deer? That gameplay system was as stupid as it could possibly get and the missions were boring and repetitive! I would rather play the Dead Island games instead, which are set in a similar environment, but sadly only center around killing zombies and with some very stupid gameplay mechanism on their own.
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