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October 2nd, 2013, 12:45
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Speaking of that FvS build, the planner doesn't seem to move a TR2 drow to 36 points. Is that a bug in the planner (they don't seem to have it listed as a bug) or is the drow screwy due to getting 32 points right out the gate? Never messed with a drow before so I just don't know how the game actually treats one.
Because Drow get +2 to 3 stats, they are considered 32 point builds on a first life. Most races get +2 to one, -2 to another. So they are stuck on a 28/20/32 point progression, instead of the normal 32/34/36 point progression.

With the skill tax and going TWF FvS, Drow actually are a decent choice for that particular build. I've considered a similar build in the past, as much to make use out of Drow as anything else, but I never have done it. My builds were on the pre-NGE enhancements so I'd have to redo the whole thing.
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