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October 3rd, 2013, 17:00
Sorry, was away, Thrasher. I'm glad you got it working ok. Most of the time, installation order won't matter; however, there are a couple exceptions here and there - UI's being one of them. For reference, my prior list is in order of installation and set up so you can just hit the "yes to all" when the manager asks what you want to overwrite. Conversely, you can hit "no to mod" if you realize you've installed something in the wrong order and don't wish to overwrite another specific mod's changes.

Also, after replacing textures, if you ever run into odd textures as you described, the first thing you should try is toggling archive invalidation off and back on again.

AFAIK, MTUI is compatible with NMM but I only use the manual download option on the Nexus and can't comment on the whole "download with NMM" stuff.

Underground Hideout does indeed require you to go rooting around in its contained subfolders and picking out what you want. It's worth it. Personally, I did the whole rooting around thing once and then moved the plugins I was interested in into the archive's base folder so that I wouldn't have to do it again for later reinstalls. BTW, the CHEMS plugin is simplistic and arguably dead weight, but the bobblehunt plugins, both the main file and the Hideout plugin, are pretty fun and balanced.

For load orders, I would really recommend B.O.S.S.. It is a one-click standalone app that sorts it all automagically.

Enjoy your game
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