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October 3rd, 2013, 20:47
Thanks for that!

Yeah there were some cases where textures came from multiple mods, and in surprising ways. For example, Vurt's flora had meshes/textures? for buildings in Boulder City surprisingly, as did NMC and Ojo Bueno (not suprising). In this case, I picked OB since it made the most sense, even though its load order is earlier. But who knows with this stuff.

In general though, I followed your order since it appeared to make sense that way, except for a few exceptions like the above.

BTW, I did use the manual download method with NMM for MTU, and still got crashes, so had to install it without NMM. It may have been an archive invalidation issue, though, since that was before I learned the NMM AI toggle trick from gopher's video.

One thing bugs me is that the rocks on long outcroppings have a long line of shadows along seams that shouldn't be there. This is from Textures over Time (I think). ToT is one of the mods where I had to pick and choose a set of rock, sandstone, and patch textures to zip up together and install all at once using NMM and which ones not to include, to avoid overriding Ojo Bueno and NMC, except for rocks. I'm betting that ToT didn't properly overwrite/remove some of the shadowing from those other mods. Note this problem persists even after toggling archive invalidation off/on. ToT is also one of those mods with no FMOD, esp, nor esm files. It's pretty raw, but the granite-like rock textures are so much nicer than the others.

Sleuthing to figure out how to best resolve conflicts or glitches can be a real time eater. At some point you've got to say good enough, and accept it's better rather than unmodded. This one glitch is annoying me though. I'll try some googling. Otherwise I may try out ditching some of the mods to resolve it. Hopefully won't have to dig in and cherry pick textures/meshes to delete.

EDIT: One more thing that seems to be out of whack, is that faces are way over saturated and bloomy, so much that they look like they are glowing. Kind of ruins the nice new details from Redesigned 2. I'm guessing this has to do with the updated lighting in URWLNV Ultimate Edition and Interior Lighting Overhaul?

EDIT 2: Yeah it looks like this is a common issue with Nevada Skies, et al in all its versions. Multiple posts regarding this at the nexus, with no offers from modders on how to fix it. boo hoo. I'd rather not want to drop all the cool weather effects to get non-glowing faces.
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