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October 4th, 2013, 10:31
Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Ooo I like this game, I'll play

Gothic 9.5/10
Gothic 2 8/10. Gothic 2 + NOTR 9.5/10
Gothic 3 (vanilla) 6/10. Gothic 3 (CPed) 8.5/10
Risen 8/10 (Strong start, tepid later chapters/small scope)
Risen 2 (vanilla) 7/10. Risen 2 (modded) 7.5/10 (did not think the mods made a Huge difference unless we re talking about more than the cosmetic ones ?)

OT Though: Great deal this one, that people should not miss out on. Only 3-4 hours left…
Nah, Risen 2 mods add .5 for me (not exactly a huge difference) - but the big cosmetic one is the foilage fix - because I found that particular visual "feature" extremely distracting.

Beyond that, there's balance mod that makes Firearms less powerful - which is a good fix, because they were excessively overpowered in vanilla. I can't say how good the implementation is, but from what I've read about it - it seems a reasonable tweak.




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