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October 4th, 2013, 11:09
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
The problem is one of repetition, because once you get to the 3rd or 4th island - you're kinda full when it comes to the tropical setting. Well, I think most would feel that way.

So, ultimately, I think they shot themselves in the foot by separating the landmass in that way, without adding sufficiently unique environments to each island.

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Some of their design decisions were disappointing compared to previous PB titles. Like the instantaneous healing and separate screens for looting and merchants. The companion AI was inconsistent at times as well, and their decision to make NPCs invulnerable to monster attacks (in the patch) was a real head scratcher.
And this.

They hurt stuff pretty much close to the core of some of my favorite elements of the series and I would add the impact that their design has taken especially on vertical exploration and the "physicality" of the World/Gameplay that G1/2 had in abundance. That sandboxy feel we were saying the other day…

Hoping on a better showing out of Risen 3…
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