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October 4th, 2013, 18:58
Originally Posted by Saxon1974 View Post
Amazing to me people rate skyrim so highly. I mean i enjoy it and all but putting it in a top 5 all time list is just silly to me. I would rank the first M&M game higher by far and especially in its influence in the rpg industry. Skyrim is a nice sandbox but its very consolish and bland and more of an action game. Now mm1? That was an rpg! You had to map or you get lost, you could die in the opening city and turn based combat!
No not silly, simply one's taste. Just like a favorite ice cream or a favorite piece of meat, a favorite car, a favorite TV show, or a favorite color. There's no right answer, it's simply one's preference.

Additionally I have been computer gaming a long long time. JVC even came to my apple computer club to pitch Might and Magic 1. I had finished the game by the time he visited and stood in front of the club proclaiming it a million times better then Wiz 1. He sold all the games he brought with him and sometime there after he sent me a tee-shirt that I still proudly wear.

It was made of high quality material and I work out a lot, that's why it still fits :-)

Skyrim fits the way I like to game now. I don't need a story just a full and vital world where I can make my own story(s).

Still, if JVC were to jump back into the CRPG world, I would find myself doing a PREORDER the nano-second it was available.

My top 6 (order varies depending on time of day) TV shows of all time are:

Startrek the Next Generation
Twilight Zone
Doctor Who
Tie Between Frazier and Seinfeld
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