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October 4th, 2013, 19:01
Originally Posted by Saxon1974 View Post
Amazing to me people rate skyrim so highly. I mean i enjoy it and all but putting it in a top 5 all time list is just silly to me. I would rank the first M&M game higher by far and especially in its influence in the rpg industry. Skyrim is a nice sandbox but its very consolish and bland and more of an action game. Now mm1? That was an rpg! You had to map or you get lost, you could die in the opening city and turn based combat!
Well, I guess it depends how you rate them. I suppose if we have to be fair we would not take into account when the game was released nor what it influenced, only how much we liked it. And to be honest, if MM was released today, I wouldn't play it.

Skyrim is still nowhere near my top ten though, to me Morrowind is the Elder Scrolls game that makes the list.
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