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October 4th, 2013, 21:44
I put in over 300 hours with plain vanilla Skyrim. Because of the vast landscape I was never bored. Just so much to explore both over and under land. But, when I restart some time later I will experiment with the mods.

It made sense for JVC to attend the computer club I belonged to. If memory served, the club was called the Original Apple Corp of Southern California (?) and typically the meetings had in excess of one hundred members attending. And just about all of us had an Apple 2. The officers had direct contact with Apple.

I talked to JVC briefly off and on for the next few years (no - we were not acquaintances let alone friends) and right around the time of M&M2 he told me the apple 2 platform was dead and all subsequent games would be developed for the PC.

A crushing blow for an original apple fan boy. And for a while I was anti PC and hated everything about it. I loved those old PC jr commercials (with the faux Charlie Chaplin). because they showed how lame PC's were. Chicklet keyboards indeed . . .

But I soon got over it when I discovered the PC platform grossly surpassed the number of games available compared to the apple 2. By the time I finally got over my ridiculous prejudice and bought my first PC the first game I got was World of Xeen. . . . . "Welcome to the Guild" . . . . . .

My last run-in with JVC was a near miss. New World Computing was right around the corner from my office. I went over there just to bring praise but JVC was out of the office and there was only one guy coding in some dark corner. Unfortunately I got reassigned to another office for a few years and when I came back to the area, New world Computing was no more . . .

Totally different times now, I just can't see someone like me walking into EA offices to shoot the shit with the developers and programmers . . .

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