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October 5th, 2013, 05:48
Fluent mentioned in the end: "Some books are left in German, and some of the quest text is very poorly translated, but thankfully these things aren't the norm."
So yes, there is an english version. How was the voice acting btw? It was very professionally done in the german version.

For me one of the biggest deals was the skill system.
Oblivion had the worst skill system I saw in all the games I have played so far. They managed to not only make it un-intuitive but even anti-intuitive where the thing you naturally think is the best, is the worst for your character.
Nehrim fixes this issue and replaces it by a decent system.

What I also liked in Nehrim is the exploration. It feels much more rewarding. Less repetitive dungeons and you find these letter-objects which reward extra xp and these plants which increase weight you can carry. So if you see a little hut standing in the wilderness, chances are high that you are rewarded for exploring it. It's just a tiny thing but as Fluent wrote in the review: "So with all this said, what makes Nehrim *that* good is the fact that it really is larger than the sum of its parts."

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