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October 5th, 2013, 15:09
Originally Posted by rjshae View Post
My favorite in the series is still Dark Queen of Krynn, which had more of a unique flavor compared to the more stodgy FR-based games. I still like that turn-based tactical combat system. The games are definitely showing their age though. I recently replayed a couple using DOSBox and, well… they're pretty dull and repetitive. The state of the art has left them far behind.
My feeling too, even if Pool of Radiance and its followup was a great time at their (Mac) release. But if GOG was releasing that specific series, at very cheap price, I'd probably get Pool of Radiance anyway. The abandonware stuff is usually tedious and rarely removes problems of DRM. Moreover just the hassle to configure DOSBox is enough to stop me try again.

EDIT: Ooops wrong because of manual map (I forgot this) I'll never buy it.
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