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October 5th, 2013, 23:00
as I attempt to finish this off the Wizard seems to be attacking me from his grave. My PC kept locking up Friday with all sorts of graphics glitches.

I tested what I could at hand and determined that it wasn't the SSD. So I picked up a cheap video card today, a Radeon R6670 at Best Buy. At $69 it had 2gb over the equivalent nVidia 620's 1gb so that was a no brainer. The HDMI and Display Port outputs are a nice feature too. If I was going to pay for a decent video card on this old box I'd just buy a cheap laptop instead.

What do you know, it worked. I still got it! The city should regret they didn't hire me to do their IT. c'est la vie.

Can't figure out how it lost a lot of my links though. The files my desktop shortcuts link to seem to be missing. I must have lost my FAT table when the system was kept locking up last night.

So..I guess now I'll look for the appropriate pictures I need then try and finish this off.
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