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October 6th, 2013, 02:15
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Thrasher and Gloo, please keep me updated in the future with how the videos look to you. I want them to be as high quality as possible but they have to be reasonable to upload and encode. Thanks!
As things go for now I've nothing to complain about regarding the quality ! Keep it up that way, it's perfect.

As for my personal play through, I update my post with the mod list I'm currently using (on top of the Morrowind overhaul), so here are those that, for now, seem to run smoothly (I'm currently playing a Dunmer Thief Lvl 4) :

- Fire hurts.
- Rogues.
- Fair Magicka regen.
- No thieving start.
- Advanced herbalism.

Each of these are (AFAIK) the latest versions. No problems to report with it but I ran into glitches and seemingly bugs while playing with two other mods : Primary needs and Sleep or suffer. I'm playing on WinXP SP3, 3Go RAM, a nVidia GPU (EVGA 460 GTX OC 768Mo) and with a UK Collector version of Morrowind patched with the official patch but not with the Unofficial one and despite of that the game is fairly stable. I got only a CTD a while back but I suspect the aforementioned mods to be responsible for that, instead of the game per se. The MGSO mod is a real visual blast and much more easy to install and set up than it used to be (I previously tried an earlier version that was buggy as hell !). The game runs at 60fps indoor and an average 25fps outdoor (on a range of 15-40Fps). The stability seem to be no longer a problem, as far as I can tell after some hours of play through. I'll try to upload the many screen shots I took and will post here the link to my Dropbox directory to it
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