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October 6th, 2013, 11:00
Well confession time

Having done a complete 180 from my initial lukewarm impression (due to the bad port and the grinding/checkpoint saves elements that I usually detest in games) I have to admit I am totally engrossed in this game now.

I gotta give it to the people praising it, you guys were right, Dark souls is a great game. Haven't been that immersed in a game since the first Witcher and that is saying something, as in addition to the existence of elements I don't like (not gonna bitch about them anymore feels petty ) I have played some pretty damn good (and much better from the rpg aspect) RPGs since thenů

Its just that the almost flawlessly executed combat system the excellent level design, open ended exploration and the great grim atmosphere (yeah, wrestling with the controls and game design impacted that in the start but wait until you get 15 hours or so in and visit 3-4 more locations) coupled with the very delicately and indirectly (almost in an implied way) served lore create an experience with a character completely its own. If anything this game reminds me of the Gothics in this aspect.

There must be something to these 75% sales just before you start hyping your #2 game in the series after all Although hearing how they are putting their priority heavily in Multiplayer (and I play exclusively offline), I think I'll let you veterans put DS2 through its paces before actually investing in it
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