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October 6th, 2013, 17:04
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
I see you point, I just don't agree. To me it's quite the opposite. What's the point of an open world when I still can't get myself killed by taking a wrong turn, or when it's impossible to find great loot until my level is high enough? Or when Dragons are just as easy to kill when you are level four as when you are level 20, it takes away all sense of character growth and acomplishments. Sure, it means that if you know the game you can get a glass armor an hour into the game (Morrowind) or a Power Armor when you're level 2 (Fallout 2). To me, that's not a problem, because it won't happen your first playthrough unless your intentionally reading forum posts with spoilers to make the game as easily as possible.

We just have to agree to disagree about level scaling.
That we do. I just don't share the criticism that has been voiced ITT, like that you have to keep track of what skills you practiced. In Oblivion, contrary to Morrowind (IIRC) you can just 'wait' or use fast travel to replenish your health and magicka, so the only reason for sleeping in a bed is to raise your level. Therefore, you can put off leveling up until you've raised those skills with the attributes you favor. You only need to really write that down if you're an obsessive-compulsive powergamer.
I also doubt that I'll run into trouble at some point just because enemies are scaled. If you play the game naturally, you'll gather enough ressources to be up to that challenge. Of course, if you put Acrobatics as a major skill and just jump on the spot for hours to level up, you may run into trouble with enemies using high-level gear. But that's the way only a trained chimp would play.

Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
But seriously, I can't believe anyone would try to make a positive argument in favour of level scaling in a thread based on a fantastic overhaul mod that simply annihilates that system.
I also said that gameplay/ writing in vanilla Oblivion was good. That doesn't mean this mod is somehow inferior. Like I said, level scaling or no are just two ways to achieve the same thing.




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