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October 6th, 2013, 20:07
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
I also doubt that I'll run into trouble at some point just because enemies are scaled. If you play the game naturally, you'll gather enough ressources to be up to that challenge.
The problem to me isn't the challenge, I agree that the kind of minmaxing Kordanor suggests isn't necessary at all. On the contrary, my first run of Oblivion I didn't even know the mechanics for attributes at level up, I just rested whenever I got the message. No, one of the problems with level scaling is rather the lack of challenge, I never have to run away from an encounter, everything is "just right", which to me is just wrong. I dislike the scaling in almost every game I've seen it, like Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 etc. I'm aware that loads of games have level scaling, even Baldurs Gate spawns more enemies when you have a higher level. But I never knew that when I played it, it wasn't obvious to me. I still would have chosen to not have it given the choice though.

The whole idea with level scaling is to give the players a consistent challenge, never to hard, never to easy. Well I want it to be "too" hard if I try to take on a higher level enemy early in the game, and if I minmax and know about all the places I can grab good gear early I'm fine with it being too easy.
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