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October 6th, 2013, 20:40
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
But that aside: The "natural" way would be to rest whenever you get the message that you get a level up. But I think you agree that this is nothing you should do.
So instead you would save, rest, check your gains and load again.
Uhm… no. The natural way would be one of two things:

1) you simply live with your stat gains. This is the option for roleplayers I guess, because it really reflects what your character has focused on doing.

2) Keep a broad overview of what you're doing and adjust as needed. Like, if I spent a lot of time dungeon crawling and I've therefore mostly accumulated points in heavy armor, blade and block, and I get the message that I can level up; I might take a break, go to a city and chat up random people to gain more Personality. It's what I've been doing and it works well.

Well, don't want to go into detail here, after all this thread is about Nehrim. If you want to dig deeper into the leveling problem you might want to read this: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Le…veling_Problem
quote from that article:

The fact that monsters and other enemies level up at the same time as your character leads to the "leveling problem". If you make poor choices in leveling up, your character will become relatively weaker than the monsters as your level progresses. Therefore a given situation in the game will become harder rather than easier, even though you would expect the same situation to be easier for higher-level characters.
Two things:

The first thing isn't really a huge problem IMO. Poor choices can cripple your character? Fine. Skyrim practically doesn't allow for bad choices, but I don't like that kind of herp derp simplification. I'd also argue that these "bad choices" will mostly be made by novice players; as soon as you understand how the system works and adjust to that, you won't run into that problem. Unless, like I said, you're 100% into roleplaying a character, but then you'll probably take this in stride too.

The second thing, well, some games don't get easier as you progress, but harder. I personally don't mind that (if I like the game), especially if good choices enable you to maintain the same level of difficulty. The wording in the article is a little off; of course, a higher level character will/ would have an easier time dealing with a weaker enemy. It's just that you don't encounter that enemy anymore. So, it's not really "the same situation".

But I also didn't want to derail the thread. Carry on Nehrim people




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