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October 7th, 2013, 02:02
Well this came a surprise it seems Wastelands Interactive has started a second kickstarter to raise more money for Worlds of Magic.

The goal was $5,000 and it seems to have reached it already.

Link- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/…orlds-of-magic

Why only $5,000.00?

Well, as you may already know we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in April of 2013. So, the real question isn't why are we trying to raise just $5000.00, but why are we trying to raise even $1.00 more. There are several reasons really.

First, we're a team of enthusiasts and we want to offer as high a quality game as we can. We want Worlds of Magic to offer treats not only to your intellect, but also to your eyes and ears. Because of this we've invested a great deal in our artwork and special effects. We want to add even more and keep improving what we've got. Worlds of Magic is a truly fantastic game and we want people to see that at first glance.

Second, we want to build our community. Our first campaign had over 2,000 backers. Many of them are active participants in the game's development. This isn't just something we're saying, it's something that's actually happening. By backing Worlds of Magic (at the Swordsman level and above) you get the right to have input on the game. And the more input we get the better it's going to be.

Third, we've had many people lamenting the fact that they didn't know about our first campaign. And we've had many backers say they wish they'd been able to put in more the first time. This campaign is for previous backers, people who wish they were backers, and people who never even heard of Worlds of Magic. We're very confident that we'll hit our base goal relatively quickly. The reason for this is because many of our current backers have decided to pledge again. That's how much they believe in what we're doing. They've seen what we've done with the funds we've already raised and agree that we've put it to good use. Well, now you have a chance to become part of this. You have the opportunity to become a backer, join our growing community, and help us make Worlds of Magic bigger and better.
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