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October 7th, 2013, 10:36
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
I might pick it up when and if it ever gets keyboard support. No controller will ever be connected to my PC.

Not so much about keyboard support. The game has keyboard support. But at the moment, the game design is all wrapped up around the use of controller. On Friday and Saturday's nights, I ran two games, one with controller, the other with keyboard and mouse. Unsurprisingly, the gameplay is richer with a controller. As usual in that kind of cases, the gameplay is balanced toward melee combat which is skilled based while shooting is more attribute based. With a controller, handling five or six zombies in melee with a character low on stamina is doable as long as you are composed and apply yourself. With a keyboard, it is all a different story.
It gives situations as you are forced into smashing the left controll button with your little finger (if you are right handed) Not so many games hand down smashing a button to the weaker finger in the hand.

Ah, yes, it also only works with Xbox controller PC version. If you have another controller because Xbox controllers do not fit your hands'size, you are in.
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