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October 7th, 2013, 14:38
Originally Posted by tolknaz View Post
Dark Sun and Al-Quadim didn't use gold box engine.
This is true, but they were included in the great SSI Masterpiece Collection pack, so I can understand the confusion/inclusion.

The Goldbox games are a fantastic series of games and the mere mention of them evokes some truly wonderful memories. I can still vividly recall standing in line waiting to use the photo-copier at school with a mate, just to get a few more alignments from his Dethek/Espruar Curse of the Azure Bonds codewheel! And when that didn't work, I'd be calling him up after school or guessing/reloading constantly.

I'd also have to agree with Zaleukos and add more generally that the Infinity Engine most certainly was the spiritual successor to the Goldbox games as far as party based AD&D is concerned.

The only games that I never played to completion from the blog list was Heroes of the Lance (although I did put in some effort; its appeal didn't last due to the gameplay style) and Shadow Sorcerer, which I haven't actually played.
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