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October 7th, 2013, 14:41
Shadow Sorcerer was pretty awful, but Heroes of the Lance had great music

Just for kicks, I'll rank the Gold Box games I played - with some additional comments for the top 3.

1. Pool of Radiance

This ranks first, because it's the perfect campaign for someone like myself. You start at first level - and I always prefer having the build-up stage in my games, and I love the traditional high-fantasy setting of Forgotten Realms. I remember loving Sokol Keep, Thieves Mansion, Temple of Bane and other locations.

2. Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday

I love sci-fi - and I love the quirky 50s take on it as well. Lots of great locations and who doesn't love Needle guns?

3. Champions of Krynn

Like Pool of Radiance - you start with low-level characters, and I've always liked Krynn a lot. Some of my favorite books include the Legends trilogy (Raistlin is the coolest mage ever) - and the graphics were spectacular on my Amiga 500!

4. Curse of the Azure Bonds
5. Death Knights of Krynn
6. Secret of the Silver Blades
7. Dark Queen of Krynn

I did try all the others, but never played them enough. The Savage Frontier games never appealed to me that much - for whatever reason.




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