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October 7th, 2013, 15:03
couch I did promise to write about Sims and it's later phoneports ages ago, but the problem is not only I don't have enough time to think what to write and what to exclude - the problem is I don't think ppl read "the last game you finished" posts.

To cut things short. There are Sims 3 and Sims Medieval for PC. Those twho games with/without DLC are huge and are days of fun.

And then there are phone ports, Sims 3, Sims Medieval and due to the size, PC Sims 3 expansions are on phones made as standalone games (Ambitions and Adventures), but the story doesn't stop there, on phones a certain Sims Freetime game also exists.
These phone ports are so unbelievably dumbed down, retarded, short and overexpensive (apart from Medieval on phones which is free). And Sims Freetime? It's one of those "free" games where you have to spend half of your monthly income. I couldn't believe myself when I saw EA actually blessed free2scam game. Scratch that, I could, it was a matter of time they'll jump into another fraud scheme after failing to sell Spore and Sims Medieval useless and again overexpensive DLC.

And you say someone else is making a PC game that will later be ported onto phones.
Sorry, but I will not support that. Ever.
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