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October 7th, 2013, 22:38
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
….With a controller, handling five or six zombies in melee with a character low on stamina is doable as long as you are composed and apply yourself. With a keyboard, it is all a different story.
It gives situations as you are forced into smashing the left controll button with your little finger (if you are right handed) Not so many games hand down smashing a button to the weaker finger in the hand….
I wonder what are the commands, I played Lord of the Ring War In The North with both gamepad and mouse plus keyboard, The gamepad is more comfortable but when I switched to mouse plus keyboard my play level rises quite significantly.

The point is the movement pad is less efficient with a keyboard, ie much less precision by itself but rather quick like for changing direction. But the mouse is just a huge advantage, the rotation speed and aim precision is invaluable even if auto aim moderates this a bit. Now ok above a certain number of special actions I have difficulty of follow.

So I really wonder why you had to use the little finger of left hand to smash your keyboard. But LOTRWitN allows custom controls, and with a keyboard it's mandatory.
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