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October 8th, 2013, 09:54
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I think the later games are significantly different than Oblivion in terms of level-scaling, and Bethesda even made that a selling point during the pre-hype for Fallout 3. So yeah, they definitely toned it down quite a bit. I do agree that it's still excessive, but not that it's the reason FO3 was so easy.

I can only speculate what casual/mainstream gamers thought about the level scaling in Oblivion. What I do know though is that Bethesda is a company that bases their decisions on what they think the majority wants.
Significantly different? Well, maybe in technical terms - but it's still a joke when it comes to actual challenge.

Well, part of the reason the games are so easy - is that you're not going to encounter mobs that you can't defeat when you go off exploring. Maybe it's possible in Skyrim and Fallout 3 - but it's extremely rare from my experience with the vanilla versions. I don't think I encountered a SINGLE challenge throughout Fallout 3 - and I was playing on Expert or Master. In Skyrim - I believe the first dragon was kinda hard - but not really. They're scaled as well, IIRC.

That's really so different to you? Ok then.

In any case - we can agree that the games are very easy - and that's because of the mainstream/casual audience as well.

I don't think Bethesda base their decisions on what the majority wants - but they certainly do take that into consideration when trying to market and sell what's arguably a pretty non-casual RPG.

I think they're trying to make the best game they can within the limitations of the publisher model - and that means they have to take into account all kinds of gamers.

Why they toned down level-scaling is hard to say - but IIRC they received a LOT of criticism because of the bandit in high-end gear situation. Also, they probably tried to find some middle-ground - but the end result is still a level of challenge that's not at all what we enthusiast fans would want.

I assume most of us around here would prefer something like Gothic?

Essentially, the level-scaling of TES games is not for us - but that doesn't mean it's not OK for the larger audience. Again, Oblivion was a smash with the console/mainstream audience - and the level-scaling hardly worked against that.




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