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October 8th, 2013, 10:59
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I wonder what are the commands, I played Lord of the Ring War In The North with both gamepad and mouse plus keyboard, The gamepad is more comfortable but when I switched to mouse plus keyboard my play level rises quite significantly.

The point is the movement pad is less efficient with a keyboard, ie much less precision by itself but rather quick like for changing direction. But the mouse is just a huge advantage, the rotation speed and aim precision is invaluable even if auto aim moderates this a bit. Now ok above a certain number of special actions I have difficulty of follow.

So I really wonder why you had to use the little finger of left hand to smash your keyboard. But LOTRWitN allows custom controls, and with a keyboard it's mandatory.
More details: at the moment, the mouse is poorly accelerated. If you want to tune in the mouse, you must tune in from within the game and in the OS settings. You can forget about 180 turn around in a trice if you do not do that. Working the settings from within the game leads to a 180 turn around through two full mouse sweeps added to strafing properly in the right direction to help. Nothing fast in that.

The game is also balanced toward melee combat, NPCs at the moment do not even use their guns to shoot down zombies from a distance, except when they are on guard tower duty.
Managing stamina matters a lot in this game. You can only run away from frenzied zombies when you sprint. When you keep jogging, frenzied zombies catch up on you. As soon you sprint far away enough, you can resume jogging.
In melee, strikes drain the stamina bar. Anytime you run into zombies, you must balance out how much stamina will be required to make it, either through flight or fight (you can also use diversion means or stealth)
Zombies are enduring and it takes five to seven normal blows to despatch them. When you beat them enough, they leave an opportunity to apply a finisher.
If you time well your sequences of strikes, it takes two normal blows to be followed by a finisher.
As the PCs gain XP, they get access to new combos that are melee changers. With a controller, using the combos and applying yourself, a single PC can take down a horde of zombies (seven to ten zombies) all alone. Combos give moves that allow to thin down a horde by four or five zombies from the very beginning. Stamina use is minimal, the PC is still fresh to take down the remaining zombies.
With keyboard and mouse, releasing combos is highly demanding. One combo for example leads to crush two zombies head together, only managed it once with a KB and mouse.
Left control is defense and opens up the way to counter attack moves, that are very effective and welcomed.
When surrounded, zombies catch you from behind and then to wrestle your way out, you must smash the left control button. When you dont manage to wrestle your way out, you are overwhelmed and then you must smash the space bar to get back on your feet.

Summary: at the moment, with a controller, melee fight can be undertaken using the full range of moves.
With keyboard and mouse, applying the finisher is already difficult.
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