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October 8th, 2013, 11:45
Level scaling wasn't the sole reason why Fallout 3 was so easy though. The vanilla game was a joke in terms of difficulty because of how quickly and easily you could raise your stats and because of the overabundance of powerful weapons. It was a combination of factors, and scaling certainly added to that problem.

The purpose of level scaling is to supposedly make the challenge level more even throughout the game, not to make it easier. I say "supposedly" because it obviously doesn't work very well. You don't encounter enemies that can kill you with a single blow, but you also don't encounter weak enemies as you grow in level.

To me though, there was still a big difference between the type of scaling they used in Oblivion compared to the type they used in FO3. If I have to deal with level scaling, then I'd much rather see the kind that replaces enemies with a different type as you level, rather than simply giving you the same enemy with more hitpoints and different gear like in Oblivion.

Yeah, Oblivion was a smash with the console audience, and later games were an even bigger smash. I'm not claiming that's because of the difference in level-scaling, but the fact remains that it was changed and for a reason.

I think we pretty much agree about the concept in general though. I strongly dislike it as well. I have to say though that I find loot scaling far more egregious than enemy scaling, and I wish that they would do away with that completely in favor of hand-placed loot.
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