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October 8th, 2013, 13:25
Originally Posted by Sacred_Path View Post
Which doesn't have to stop anyone from making an argument for or against a certain game. I've had more fun with Oblivion so far than any other TES game (yes I played Skyrim before I played Oblivion) so I'm interested in substantial criticism other than o noes level-scaling
Why would you need substantial criticism? Are you expecting to have your own fun removed from the past with Oblivion?

You had more fun with Oblivion - and that's great. I hope you're not arrogant enough to think that because you had more fun - others can't have had more fun with the other games.

If you're genuinely interested in why people prefer one over the other - the first step is to realise that calling their opinions hivemind BS is not very productive.

So, if you can present your question in a mature manner and demonstrate an open mind - I'll gladly tell you why I prefer Skyrim to Oblivion. But it doesn't take much research to find people who agree with me - with a lot of details.

For instance, you could check out metacritic.com - and read some user reviews. You won't run out of reading material any time soon.




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