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Default Might & Magic X - Game Update, Q&A, and New Classes

October 9th, 2013, 01:48
Might & Magic X announces that a new update is available to all owners of the early access edition.Included in this update are four new classses the Scout, Druid, Mercenary, and Shaman.

Some other new features of the update are an items comparator, extension of the day and night cycle, adding support for Japanese and Chinese languages, and fixing a load of bugs.


Shaman Mercenary

For those who like speed painting, the below video shows how the following images were made.


To end the update I have a Q&A sent to us by Ubisoft.
Why did you propose an Early Access program for MMX? And why not a beta?

[Gary Paulini] The Might & Magic team has a strong desire to create games that are both fun to play and that please fans of the series. Early Access is the perfect fit combining instant access and constant improvement according to player feedback, allowing us to provide them with the game they really want.
A lot of players are getting used to the name “Early Access” thanks to the fact Steam is also using this nomenclature, and the fact many crowdfunded projects have gone this route.

How have the players reacted so far?

[Irina Kassina] A lot of players have been waiting a long time for a Might & Magic comeback. The unexpected release of this Early Access program gathered mostly positive feedback overall. Beyond the warm welcome, we noticed a great commitment from the whole Might & Magic community. A lot of players have participated in the process, providing the development team with steady feedback on their experiences and expectations. As one example among many, there were a lot of comments concerning the general lighting of the game's environment so we quickly focused on improving this aspect of the game.

How do you plan to integrate this feedback? Any update for the game?

[Gary Paulini] The development team worked on Beta patches available shortly after the Early Access release. Deploying Beta patches before the official ones allows us to quickly respond to the players' wishes, and to give them the opportunity to test some new features early on. Because we take into consideration our fans’ feedback veryseriously, we will continue to publish several unofficial updates that will both fix various bugs and add features to the game.

But of course we will also prepare official updates. The first one will add 4 additional classes to the game and will be released early October. The second one is to be published by the end of year will be dedicated to the modding kit.

What about Might & Magic's original creators? What is their opinion regarding Might & Magic X?

[Gary Paulini] While he works on other projects nowadays, we have always stayed in touch with Jon Van Caneghem, the legendary creator of the Might & Magic and Heroes game series. He made a visit to our booth during Gamescom so we could show him a demo of Might & Magic X, and fortunately he seemed pretty happy to see how we had strived to stick with the essence of the original games. Later on he kindly accepted an invitation to answer some questions for our Open Dev Blog.
More information.
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