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October 9th, 2013, 00:50
For those on the fence:

Realms of Arkania Patch 1.30, 8th of October 2013, 3 p.m. (GMT+2)
Realms of Arkania Patch 1.30, 8th of October 2013, 3 p.m. (GMT+2)
8 October - Chris Firefox

House-Decals updated
Leaving Buildings makes the party “turn the back to the door”
City-Triggers (Doors, Hetman) now react to “running into them”, therefore hopefully making some spots like the hetman easier to access
Made Armory Credit variable depending on “opening” at the hetman and visit to Jadra (thanks to Fujak Logansson)
Fixed Battlecharacters "falling" at exactly 5 LE, where they should fall below 5 LE only
Black Magicians Ruin collisions improved
Texts not displaying in battle fixed
Attack- and Parry base values are now rounded instead of floored
Broken Weapons sometimes don’t show up at the Blacksmith fixed
New Spells
Calm Body (Healing Spell for Camps)
Eye of Eagle (improve Perception)
Penetrizzel (improve Minimap uncovering distance in Dungeons)
Be my Friend effect (works now)
Evil Eye effect (just rechecked)
Paralyze effect fixed
Witch’s Spit effect (chance to heal Sickness and Poison)
Skelettarius (summon Skeleton)
Summon Spirits (summon ghost)
Master of Animals (Be my Friend for Animals only)
Meek you be (Calm animal)
Odem Arcanum (show all unidentified magic items of the party)
Analys (Identify a single magical item)
Rats bite effect fixed in Dragon Cave
Fixed House of Captains in Daspota can be opened unlimited times
Fixed Daspota Hook Hugo won’t start a battle
Fixed Arena Grids
made the "Secret Forest path" between Skelellen and Peilinby actually "secret" and position according events there
included more Travel-Hunting-Events
Included Mountain Pass events
Fixed Old Bailey lower levels
Partly reworked temple flags
Fixed Wolfcave climbing (carefull, it can be quite deadly now)
Fixed "dying" too fast
Fixed State and Staff Enchantment getting lost on losing the weapon in battle
Fixed Dullskull infection always hitting whole party despite of successful checks
Fixed Black Magicians ruin crashing through the floor in Level 1
Fixed several texting bugs
Introduced Whetstone usage
Improved Flyovers on items
Made special states of items (magical, broken) visible in inventory
Fixed buggy loot after fighting Gorah
Fixed early arrival on Ship Journeys "before the red Line arrived in the harbor"
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