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October 9th, 2013, 04:46
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
huh? Either that guy never played Skyrim or he didn't really get to make his character at the Expo. ESO has way more fine tuning sliders than Skyrim.

huh? Again (reading the article). I'm wondering if he actually played the game. Bretons cannot play in Bleakrock Village, that's an Ebonheart Pack zone and they are Daggerfall Covenant (unless the dev screwed some stuff over). Also, seems what ever build he was using didn't have the Nightblade class available at PAX less than 2 months ago.
Yeah I played it at an expo last Saturday and we started in Bleakrock Village and it was in the Ebonheart Pact and thus Nord, Dunmer or Argonian were our race choices.

What's strange is that he mentions Breton and shows a screenshot of a Breton character creation screen with the character standing in a desert area (in other words Hammerfell, which is in the Daggerfall Covenant.

I don't think it's completely impossible for Covenant to be in Pact areas, the Devs have after all said that if you finish your alliance quest lines you don't have to create a new character and can go through the quest lines in the other alliances with your original character. They could have just used some server magic to make it so.

But either way it's odd. Either he misidentified the Breton (didn't pay attention during the con and researched things wrong when he wrote the article; he seems to talk about Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn alot) or TESO devs wanted to show some variety in the races between Conventions but didn't want to leak a new area and just use the one they already got. But they've already demo'd the Covenant starting area, namely Stros m'Kai so it's not like they want to hide it.
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